'-908 FKM O-Rings for use with -8 ORB Fittings (5-pack)

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  • 5 pieces
  • Size -908 for use with -8 o-ring boss (ORB) fittings
  • FKM material, 75a durometer
  • Compatible with gasoline
  • Compatible with ethanol
  • Compatible with gasoline/ethanol mixtures (e10, e85, etc)


These are a handy item to have on hand if you find yourself servicing performance fuel systems or if you are installing a new fuel rail and want some insurance in the event you damage an o-ring during an installation. These are size -908, which is the specification size for use with all -8 ORB fittings. The material is FKM, which is the ideal material for use in both gasoline and ethanol systems, as well as gas/ethanol (e85 etc) systems. Among the aftermarket parts community, -8 o-ring boss (ORB) is among the most popular size of port used on fuel rails and fuel pressure regulators. Of course, not all fuel rails and regulators use -8 ORB, so you should always check your size requirements before ordering. 

Each pack of o-rings includes 5 o-rings total.

Fitment Info

Designed to fit standard -8 o-ring boss (ORB) fittings