9th Gen Civic ACUITY Adjustable Short Shifter

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  • 10%-50% Adjustable reduction in gear throw compared to stock
  • 5%-35% Adjustable reduction in gate throw compared to stock
  • Knob height adjustable +25mm/-15mm compared to stock
  • Heat-treated aluminum frame for lightweight compliance reduction
  • Honed bushings and compression bushings reduce backlash
  • Stiffer, over-wound spring improves centering action
  • Includes aluminum base bushings



Easily the most capable shifter available for the 9th Gen Civic, the beauty of the ACUITY 9th Gen shifter is due in part to the careful attention to detail that went into its design. The shifter's frame is built from anodized, cold formed, heat-treated aluminum for improved rigidity and light weight. Stiff, 304 stainless steel cable mounting points reduce lost motion due to frame compliance. A large-diameter, aluminum pivot ball in a pre-loaded ptfe spherical race provides smooth shifting motion with minimal friction. Centering is quick and decisive compliments of a thick, overwound centering spring. Adjustments are provided at both cable attachment points to allow for careful adjustment of gear throw and gate spacing to let you tune your ideal H-pattern. And to top it all off, the knob is both height and position adjustable. Each shifter comes supplied with a boot collar and will fit under your console and into your shift boot just like your OEM shifter. A set of anodized aluminum base bushings and Class 10.9 mounting screws are supplied for shifter mounting.

  • 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si
  • 2012-2015 Honda Civic Base Model (North American, Manual Transmission Only)

Note: Does not fit 2012-2015 Civic Type R or other 9th Gen hatchbacks. Compatibility with other models unconfirmed.

Install Guide

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