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Professional installation is highly recommended. Install at your own risk!!

To install these pedals you will need to drill out the rivets on your oem pedals with a 1/4" drill bit. (Installation video is below)

Install using the provided rivets. (Rivet gun is required and available for purchase for $10 in our drop down menu.)

These are proprietary and copyright designs of Chasing JS, copyright 2023.

DISCLAIMER: In an effort to preserve the Ghost/Raw finish of your Chasing JS titanium cover, we have applied a clear treatment coating that, if additional color treatment is applied retroactively, will ADVERSELY AFFECT THE LOOK of your titanium. Chasing JS is NOT liable for damages to your Ghost/Raw finish titanium if color treatment is applied.

-All S2000 (ap1 and ap2)

Made from pure USA mill titanium aerospace grade
Designed in CAD
Precision cut
Diamond brushed
CNC formed

Designed and engineered on 1mm thick certified titanium for light weight performance.

Comes with:
- 4 piece pedal set (rest pedal, clutch, brake, gas)
- 14 rivets( 4 for rear pedals, 3 for clutch, 3 for brake, 4 for gas)

Click here for step-by-step install video

Designed and manufactured in California.

***Please note that titanium and its color is a form of raw metal we advise that you do not use any cleaner with hydrochloride acid to clean your titanium as it will remove its color. We do not warranty the damages to the coating once the product are installed, used, or washed.

Pictures are for reference: Titanium coloring is not a paint or pigment dye so at times, the colors might not be as vibrant. Titanium coloring is a natural metal process. We make every attempt to get it as bright and colorful as possible, but please note every piece of titanium has its own characteristics.

Click here for step-by-step video How to care for your titanium: )