ESCO-Ti Shift Knob in Burnt Titanium (M10X1.5)

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  • Classic ESCO Shape in 6AL4V Titanium with a stunning burnt brushed finish that fades from gold to purple to blue
  • Laser-Etched, 6-Speed, Honda/Acura gear pattern in a beautiful gold color with the ACUiTY logo patterned around the base in a burnt blue color
  • Approximately 310 grams with a 40mm diameter and 70mm height
  • Titanium is 65% denser, has 95% lower thermal conductivity, and has 40% lower heat capacity when compared to aluminum, making Titanium knobs more forgiving in climates with harsh temperatures and providing a more weighted feel when compared to aluminum knobs

The ESCO-Ti is the rebirth of ACUiTY's popular ESCO shape in 6AL4V titanium. The ESCO design is quickly becoming the preferred driver's knob due to its carefully-crafted profile. With a 40mm (1.57 in) barrel-shaped upper portion, gently domed top, tapered bottom, and 70mm (2.7 in) total height, the ESCO-Ti fits beautifully in most drivers' hands. By forcing a more consistent hand position through its unique shape, the ESCO-Ti helps to train muscle memory, making shifts more consistent.

The ESCO-Ti is a relatively heavy knob at 310 grams (10.9 oz), perfect for a great shift feel without masking feedback from the gearbox. To complement the ergonomic shape, each knob receives a hand-brushed and hand-colored gold, purple, and blue burnt finish using an anodizing process borrowed from the medical implant industry. As an added touch, the 6-Speed Honda/Acura gear pattern is laser-etched in a beautiful burnt gold color, and the small ACUiTY logos around the base are similarly laser-etched in a burnt blue color. The finished appearance is simple, classic, and breathtaking. For the best shifting experience, pair your ESCO-Ti knob with ACUiTY's other shifting upgrades for your car.

Each knob also includes a custom-made stainless steel flange nut that can be used to retain the shift knob. If you are using the OEM shift boot collar or one of ACUiTY's 1924 shift boot collars, you will not need to use this flange nut during installation.  Also included is a suede storage bag to protect your shift knob when it's not installed. 

  • (1) ESCO-Ti Shift Knob
  • (1) Stainless steel flange nut
  • (1) Suede storage bag

Will thread onto all M10x1.5 shifters

All Hondas and Acuras with Manual transmissions have an M10x1.5 shifter thread.

Important Note About Shift Boot Fitment:

On many Hondas and Acuras made after 2010, the shift boot clips to the underside of the shift knob. Older vehicles had a shift boot that just sat near the underside of the knob, but did not mate to it. If your shift boot clips to the underside of your shift knob, you should check to see if it clips to a nut or to the knob itself. If the boot clips to a nut, your boot and nut should work with your new Esco knob as well. If the boot clips to the actual OEM shift knob, however, you will need additional parts to prevent the boot from sagging after installation. We currently offer 5 shift boot collars that can correct this issue. The part #'s are 1924-K1 (satin black anodized finish), 1924-K2 (turned stainless steel finish), 1924-K4 (satin red anodized finish), 1924-K5 (burnt titanium finish), and 1924-K6 (satin purple anodized finish).

Similarly, if you have an older vehicle that doesn't have a shift boot that clips to the knob, you can also use the same shift boot collars (1924-K1, 1924-K2, 1924-K3, 1924-K4, and 1924-K5) to clip the boot to the knob for a more modern, clean, finished appearance.