Morimoto 4Banger Blackout Covers

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Bolt on Brighter: The Morimoto 4Banger LED Pods are the perfect solution for more light, aimed exactly where you want it. From long-range spot-lights for high speed driving to ditch lights to illuminate the side of the road, this kit is all about versatility. These pods are meant for off-road use though, and therefore need to be covered up for daily driving, and that's exactly what the 4Banger Blackout covers are for.

Snap On: Designed to fit all Morimoto 4Banger HXB or NCS LED Pod lights, these covers are a friction + clip fit that installs with ease, and can be removed in seconds. They are compatible with all 4Banger A-Pillar kits, or pods mounted with the universal "U" bracket, but will not work with the fog light systems.

Shatter Proof: Each cover is molded from UV-resistant, outdoor grade, silicon rubber. On or off-road, they'll stand up to the abuse of everyday driving to ensure the first set is the only set you'll ever need.



Covers: 2x Morimoto 4Banger Blackout Covers 

Warranty: Five Years



LED Pods: Morimoto 4Banger HXB or NCS 

A-Pillar Setups: Yes 

Universal Mount Setups: Yes 

Flush Mount Setups: No 

Fog Light Setups: No



Material: Silicone Rubber 

Color: Black