Pedders 97-02 Subaru Forester SF SportsRyder Low Springs

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Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Springs are built to ISO 9001 standards with tolerance of only +/-2mm at loaded height and have unrivalled levels of comfort, handling and load carrying ability.

Will not suit Forester models with Self-Leveling Rear Suspension. Rear must be converted.

Lowering Spring Kit

Includes: 2 x PED-7240 and 2 x PED-7246

Coil Springs are the foundations of the modern suspension system with most car manufacturers preferring Coil Springs due to their advantages of weight, tunability, space and ease of manufacture. Pedders research, design and manufacture their own range of Coil Springs from their own World-Class Manufacturing Plant in Victoria, Australia to QS9001 standards. Coil Spring design and manufacturing is a craft which requires strict adherence to a demanding series of procedures, all of which are critical to the performance of the final product.

Features & Benefits

  • Cut To Precise Length
  • Hot Formed Coils
  • Coils Are Quenched In Oil Bath
  • Slowly Tempered in Oven
  • Shot Peened
  • Scragged
  • Powder Coated



Front Ride Drop: 40mm

Front Spring Rate: 2.6 kg/mm

Rear Height Drop: 35mm

Rear Spring Rate: 2.8 kg/mm