PLM K-Series Hood Exit Up-Pipe & Dump Tube for Top Mount Turbo Manifold

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These are the up-pipe and dump tubes for our PLM Top Mount K-Series Turbo Manifolds!

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PLM Power Driven K-Series Hood Exit Up-Pipe & Dump Tubes for PLM Top Mount turbo manifold

This is a set of a 3-inch up pipe & 2 dump tubes. The up-pipe is designed with a hood exit straight cut opening and comes with welded v-band flanges.
  • 3" v-band Up Pipe (Hood Exit Downpipe) - Straight Cut
  • 44mm/45mm wastegate Dump Tube (Hood Exit) - Straight Cut
  • Honda Civic EF EG EK 1988 - 2000
  • Acura Integra DC2 1994 - 2001
  • Honda K-Series K20 K24 engines
Installation note: 
  • Only designed to fit our PLM K-Series Top Mount manifolds.  If you have a manifold from another company, this may not fit and we do not accept returns for that reason.  Get our manifolds to guarantee fitment!
  • Note:  Due to different turbo and wastegate setup, the slant cut tips end may not sit flush with your hood, or slight angle adjustment is needed.
  • Photo Note: Top Mount Manifold is not included.  You can purchase it here.
  • Only need 1 wastegate?  Simply use a block off plate and you can run this top mount setup with one 44mm/45mm wastegate.  Get the block off here.