PLM Power Driven Tucked Radiator XL - Honda Acura

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PLM Power Driven Aluminum Tucked Radiator XL is the best value on the market today.

From our successful introduction of the tucked radiator, we are pleased to offer the XL (extra large) version of the tucked radiator.

Bigger. Taller. Cooler. Extra Large!

Why is ours better?  Our design uses threaded inlet and outlet fittings, that means you can use AN sized or clamp-on style hoses.  You can even use other adapter sizes such as 16AN to 20AN fitting.  Our mounting brackets are not welded to the core so you can flip the brackets around or adjust it for more universal fitment.

A must have if you want to utilize all the engine space and tuck the radiator underneath the radiator support.

Key Features:
  • Size: 24" x 11.5" x 4.0" (without fans) 
  • Size: 24" x 11.5" x 5.5" (with fans)
  • SPAL fans on this XL version uses the 9" inch size so it is much larger and flows more cfm!
  • Overall length: 30.5" with end brackets.
  • Core thickness is 2.25" and the end tanks are 3" thick. 
  • Mounting brackets are removable & bolted on, so it can be used for other applications.
  • Drain plug size is 1/4NPT.
  • Honda Acura B-Series B20B B20Z B16A B18C1 B18A B18B B18C5
  • Honda Acura K-Series K20 K24 K20A K20Z 
  • May also fit other cars (refer to size dimension above)
  • $449 without SPAL fans
  • $549 with 2 x SPAL 9" fans
  • 2 x 16AN fittings.
  • 2 x slip on fittings.
  • mounting brackets
  • brackets hardware