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Works Bell is the inventor and originator of the Rapfix series of quick releases. The Rapfix I was the beginning, but Works Bell redesigned and now offer the better and badder Rapfix II, featuring lock back technology and cold forged aluminum alloy construction.

DO NOT confuse these products with lesser quality knockoffs, Works Bell is the top supplier of many race and drift teams in Japan, and if you look at any serious racer in Japan, you will see the distinct red WB logo on the steering column.

Available in traditional silver/red, black, or silver, the Rapfix II quick release is a must for any serious driver looking for the real deal.

The best feature of this quick release is the fact that it stays locked back when you remove it, so that you don’t have to pull it back while placing it back on. Using ball bearing locking, this quick release will have zero play whatsoever. Buy the best and forget the rest!

This quick release will only bolt to 6 bolt Momo patterned hubs or 12 bolt multipattern hubs. This is NOT a hub, you need to purchase the specific hub for your car in order to use this.